Frequently Asked Questions

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How much would it cost me to set up an ECOS webstore to sell my organisation's products?

A lot less than you would think. ECOS has been developed to allow set up and personalisation to happen very quickly. If your products are to be stored in Stocklink warehouse you can have a branded webstore up and running for under $5,000.

What are the ongoing costs associated with my Webstore?

This depends on the features used and the amount of times your products change. Maintenance to the Webstore is charged at a flat hourly rate.

How long does it take to get my Webstore up and running ?

Typically your personalised webstore can be up and running within a month. If you wish to integrate into your own warehousing software or ERP systems - this may take a little longer.

Can my Webstore be set up to retail to the public or is it limited to BtoB customers?

Credit card payments are becoming more popular and your Webstore can be set up to pass payment through to you merchant bank account.

How many products and orders can my Webstore catalogue handle?

As many as you need. We have customers that have many thousands of products in their catalogue and receive hundreds orders every day.

How many hours per day is my Webstore operational?

Your Webstore is designed to be operational 24 x 7 x 365. The site will only be down during scheduled maintenance times which are normally organised for early am in the weekends.